Fusta Eco

Artisanal quality, Made with quality wood

How we work

Artisanal craft

We work as artisans in our workshop which is situated in the heart of the del Montseny Natural Park.

Manual tools

We pride ourselves on using manual and mechanical tools in our work which allow the natural aspect and lines of the wood to be retained and enhanced. Rustic but refined work.

Timber framing

We use the Timber Framing technique for our structures. This is a traditional technique that allows the building of small to very large structures in conjuction with mortise and tenon joints and fixed with wooden pegs. The structures are 100% wood – no metal involved!

Solid wood

Everything produced by our workshop is unique and exclusive, made in solid wood and adapted to your needs and measurements.

Our wood

Wood that remains
in its natural state,
wood for your whole life.

Artisan craft

We look after each and every step of the transformation process with great care and attention to detail. The whole process is important, from the felling of the tree to the delivery of the final product to the client and its use.

Closed cycle

We take care of the whole process from start to finish here in Montseny: the felling of the tree, drying the trunk, sawing the wood and the final construction.


We promote the use of wood from Montseny so no transportation which thus reduces CO2 emissions. It also boosts the local economy and revalorises a local product.

Sustainable wood management
leading to durable woodlands

Zero waste

Our products are 100% recyclable. Throughout the different processes of our activity, we manage to reintegrate all the sub-products such as sawdust within our agro-ecological project.

We fell our trees during the winter’s waning moon

We pay great attention to the time of the year when the trees are felled in order to obtain the best quality wood.

No toxic products

The type of wood used retains its natural characteristics and allows us to use ecological products for the protection layers. This creates a healthier living space in our constructions free from contamination.

Using wood from Montseny also contributes to the conservation of the landscape and the biodiversity of our direct environment.

FustaEco is part of an agro-ecological project managed by a cooperative.

We contribute to reducing CO2 emissions

By using solid wood, we are part of the cycle of wood regeneration, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

We collaborate hand in hand with the Natural Park

Our activities are developed in line with the aims and goals of the Montseny Natural Park, maintaining local activities, its landscape and associated biodiversity.

Essences of wood that we work with

The two essences that we use possess characteristics and natural qualities that enable the creation of durable buildings. We choose the most suitable wood for each project.


[Castanea sativa]

A deciduous tree originating from the Mediterranean area. It can live up to a thousand years and grow to a height of 35 metres. It is fast-growing and has resistant wood. Its fruit, the chestnut, is traditionally eaten in the Autumn.


Wood: a light-coloured semi-hard wood suitable for exterior use (class of use 1,2,3). It is resistant to humidity, has a low combustion potential, is traditionally used in construction, and is excellent as structural wood for beams and pillars. The bark and sapwood have to be peeled off so only the duramen is considered as wood.


We use chestnut wood from the Montseny Natural Park and its surroundings. It always comes from sustainable plantations and wood management exploitations in the proximity (Km 0).


Its natural durability enables us to avoid any kind of chemical treatment.

Douglas Fir or Oregon Pine

[Pseudotsuga menziesii]

A coniferous tree originating from North West America. It is considered to be the second tallest tree in the world, able to reach the height of 100 metres.

Wood: Semi-hard with long, straight fibres. The light colour of the sapwood contrasts with the red colour of the duramen. It has a good natural durability suitable for exterior use (class of use 1,2, 3).

Good characteristics as structural wood.

100% compatible with bio-construction

The team

We are Pau and David and we love wood and its natural beauty. We try to value and respect the original lines and shapes of the wood to the best of our abilities.
We strongly believe in working in our close, local environment. This enables us to maintain economical and social activities deeply rooted in the mountains that are hosting us, in a respectful and sustainable manner.

For me FustaEco is a natural, professional evolution, encompassing the concerns and experience I have acquired over more than 20 years of woodland work and life in the mountains.


I set out from a firmly ecological point of view and with maximum respect for the trees and our surrounding environment. I defend the need to make the very best use off the tree that has to be felled, to use traditional techniques and, in doing so, to promote the recuperation of traditional trades such as mining, herding, trawling, loriner, lumbering, etc. For me, this is as important as the necessity to draw upon the small amount of quality wood that can be found in most of the Catalan woodlands that are managed.


I consider wood as a noble material. It is warm and pleasant to work with and allows us to create a whole range of quality and ecological products which can be recycled, thus making our environment finer and healthier. Working with wood has been a continuous learning process, very enriching and impassioned, a learning process which I hope to continue for a long time to come.


I am passionate about wood in all its forms, from furniture to the most complex structures, or through the simplicity of creating a spoon. Artisanal work is the way for me to approach this work and FustaEco is the best way to apply it in a professional environment.


The time dedicated to manually working on the wood is an essential element of good work. It is also respectful of the intrinsic qualities of the wood chosen: its lines, shapes, knots, tonalities, etc. Creating a product starts from the moment I choose the wood, when I start the crafting process, touching it, observing it and applying it to the most suitable form for its future purpose, leading up to the choice and application of the most appropriate type of protection, bringing the splendour of the wood to its highest potential.

Fusta eco,
Wood with its own character